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Welcome to HyggIT

We are a future cooperative created by a group of experts with the idea of helping assosiations with their digital transition.

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At Hyggit, we describe ourselves as a future technological cooperative capable of helping to digitize non-profit associations that need more means to reach more people. Our objective is to use our particular professional experience in the IT services sector to expand our reach, reaching the most vulnerable areas and people.

At the level of technology development, we have more than 7 years of experience and we are specialized in Microsoft technology. Including, therefore: the development, migration and integration of all the platforms necessary for an organization from start to finish. That is, from the development of management software (CRM/ERP) and its website to the analysis of the results and the scope with Power BI. Not for this without forgetting the most important part, the security of users and information systems.

Technologies we work with

Programming Languages

Python Java HTML CSS C# SQL

Data Visualization

PowerQuery PowerBI Seaborn

AI / ML - Data Scientist

OpenCV TensorFlow Pandas NumPy


Oracle Mysql Sharepoint Lists MongoDB SQLserver

Microsoft Technologies

Sharepoint PowerApps PowerAutomate PowerQuery PowerBI


That is why we consider ourselves the ideal team to carry out the following parts of your project:

  • Migration of data hosted on the entity's on-site server to Microsft cloud services. Shutdown and removal of the on-site server
  • Definition and design of the solution
  • Web Portal Programming
  • ERP/CRM Programming
  • E-learning Programming
  • Web Improvement Programming
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • SEO services performances and improvements web spaces
  • LOPD/RGPD services
  • Projects

    BI Hyggit project
    Associations BI Project

    Project to segment associations. It was analyzed and segmented by location, activity sectors, number of workers and by groups.
    We created the entire database from scratch, we cleaned it and prepared it to be analyzed in BI and it was analyzed based on the needs of the project.

    Technologies used

    PowerBI PowerQuery

    AppStore project
    Project: App Store analysis

    An Apple app developer ask for insights about diferent spects of the applications at the AppStore. So I donwloaded the data from Kaggle, and then clean, model and consult the dataset to show up key information.
    The objective was to be able to present an analysis where app spects were shown, providing business intelligence and help in making future decisions for the client, enfasis at the apps ratings.
    Code of the project

    Technologies used

    Kaggle sqlite

    Biodelicies project
    Project: BioDelicies a medium bakery company analysis

    In this project we were asked to develop all the economic and stock analysis of a company that delivers bakery food made with organic and handmade products to stores where the product will be sold to a final customer.
    The objective was to be able to present an analysis where all purchases/sales were shown, providing business intelligence and help in making future decisions for the client, always showing simple and understandable information.
    * Dummy data on screen

    Technologies used

    PowerBI PowerQuery Sharepoint